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Vogels PFW5205 Prof.Superflat Mount 46x33 up to 42'' with LOCK

Vogels PFW5205 Prof.Superflat Mount 46x33 up to 42'' with LOCK

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These mounts are super flat, only 33.5 mm deep, and have security lock features that work effectively in the small space between the display and the wall.

Vogel’s professional 5000 Series wall mounts offer high levels of theft protection for flat displays used in public areas that cannot be continually supervised. This is a versatile product line that provides extra features for theft prevention and quick and easy installation.

A sturdy lock secures displays effectively and very closely to the wall to prevent removal. These mounts have a clean and elegant look and take up a minimum amount of space, yet making the display easily accessible for display service. The unique built-in levelling function in the wall plate makes life a lot easier for installers. It helps them to correct the levelling during installation.

  • Autolock® locking system 
  • Built-in wall plate level function 
  • Locking bar + padlock included
  • Main Color: Black 
  • Min. size: 23 " 
  • Max. size: 42 " 
  • Max. weight: 75 kg 
  • Min. distance to the wall: 34 mm 
  • Interface width: 464 mm 
  • Interface height: 332 mm 
  • Guarantee: 5 years
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