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Toshiba Haori RAS-B16N4KVRG-E+RAS-16J2AVSG-E1 Air Conditioner 16000 BTU R32 Inverter with WiFi A++/A+++

Toshiba Haori RAS-B16N4KVRG-E+RAS-16J2AVSG-E1 Air Conditioner 16000 BTU R32 Inverter with WiFi A++/A+++

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Elegance beyond limits

High aesthetics and top Japanese technology together. The new HAORI air conditioner has a fabric cover in a variety of colors, to match perfectly with the rest of the decoration elements of your space.


HAORI is classified in the top energy class A+++ in cooling but also in heating in the middle zone. In this way, very low energy consumption is achieved in all operating conditions.


Toshiba 's powerful Plasma Ionizer accelerates the effectiveness of holding suspended pollutants by creating Ozone (O 3 ). When pollutants such as bacteria or viruses come into contact with ozone, they are deactivated through oxidation. The ozone then reverts to oxygen (O 2 ), making it an environmentally friendly oxidant. The result is a clean, fresh and healthy environment, rich in oxygen molecules, without bad smells.


The innovative, self-cleaning coating of the element, with the signature of Toshiba . The Magic Coil creates a particularly slippery surface so that dust and dirt do not stick to the exchanger and are then removed from the device with the drain water. This results in:

  • Item clean as new, free of moisture and mold
  • The unit circulates clean, odor-free air
  • The energy efficiency of the unit is maintained longer


They ensure a clean atmosphere, free from dust, odors, micro-organisms and fine particles.

The Ultra Pure filter offers PM2.5 purification up to 94%.

PM2.5 refers to particulate matter (Particulate Matter) that comes from atmospheric pollution and has a diameter of less than 2.5 μm. Studies have shown that there is a close relationship between exposure to fine particles and lung diseases. Toshiba 's Ultra Pure filter captures up to 94% of PM2.5, creating a healthy atmosphere at home.

Wi-Fi Activated

You can operate HAORI from anywhere and anytime, thanks to Wi-Fi remote control, for unsurpassed comfort and energy saving.

New Toshiba Home AC Control app

With the new Toshiba Home AC Control application you have full control over the level of comfort you desire. 5 users have the possibility to control the operation of up to 10 units from the tablet or smartphone in a simple and fast way. It also provides the ability to control the units by group for quick application of the comfort conditions in the selected spaces.


1.20 - 5.30 kW
7.8 / A++
1.10 - 6.30 kW
6.1 / A+++
-15 ~ 46 °C
-15 ~ 24 °C
48/40 dB(A)
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