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Toshiba Floor Standing RAV-RM1401FT-EN + RAV-GM1401AT8P-E (3ph) Air Conditioner 48000 BTU R32 Inverter A/A

Toshiba Floor Standing RAV-RM1401FT-EN + RAV-GM1401AT8P-E (3ph) Air Conditioner 48000 BTU R32 Inverter A/A

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The Toshiba Ímola DI 140 vertical air conditioner with R-32 is a super-digital Inverter unit with 12.1 kW of cooling power and great energy efficiency in air conditioning.

This air conditioning and floor heating system is ideal for air conditioning rooms up to 110 m2: large rooms, shops, showrooms or spaces with low ceilings, such as bars, restaurants or lofts.

This equipment from Toshiba's commercial range has been designed to provide particularly large air flows, thanks to its superior air release capacity. The air distribution angle is up to 150°. This is ensured by the vertical and horizontal air distribution angles (large and automatic), which allow the airflow to reach all areas, even when installed in large spaces.

One of the advantages of the Toshiba Ímola DI 140 vertical air conditioner is that it can be installed anywhere, such as in the corner of the room. In this case, the automatic sweep angle can be set to distribute the air only where it is needed.

Furthermore, it takes up little space (0.128 m2 up to 8 kW), includes sensor for refrigerant leak detection and R-32 gas charge, more efficient and environmentally friendly.


  • Part number: RAV-GM1401AT8-E|RAV-RM1401FT-EN
  • Air conditioning and floor heating
  • System for air conditioning of large rooms, such as shops or showrooms, restaurants, shops...
  • Air conditioning for 110 m2 
  • 12.1 kW of Refrigeration.
  • 13.0 kW Heating

Data sheet

Indoor unit: RAV-RM1401FT-ES
Remote control: RBC-AMS55E-ES
Outdoor unit: RAV-GM1401AT8P-E
Series: IMOLA DI
Cooling Capacity: 10.406 Kcal/h (12.1 kW)
Heating Capacity: 11.180 Kcal/h (13.0 kW)
Refrigerant: R-32
Recommended surface area: 100 - 110 m²
Heat Pump: Yes
Nominal consumption (cooling/heating): 4.7 / 4.0
Minimum sound pressure level (indoor unit): 45 dBA
SEER / SCOP: 4.86 / 3.90
Indoor unit color: White
Wifi: Optional
Dimensions - Indoor Unit (mm - W x D x H): 600 × 210 x 1750
Dimensions - Outdoor Unit (mm - W x D x H): 900 X 320 x 890
Net weight: 127
Total packages: 2
Liquid pipe diameter: 3/8
Gas pipe diameter: 5/8
Supply: Three-phase
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