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Toshiba Edge RAS-18J2KVSG-E+RAS-18J2AVSG-E Air Conditioner 18000 BTU R32 Inverter A++/A+++

Toshiba Edge RAS-18J2KVSG-E+RAS-18J2AVSG-E Air Conditioner 18000 BTU R32 Inverter A++/A+++

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Straight lines and matte finish. This is the Edge , Toshiba 's brand new inverter air conditioner with the most elegant and modern design. Its completely silent operation will not disturb any of your activities: whether you are reading your favorite book, relaxing by meditating, or simply sleeping, Edge will create the ideal atmosphere for you... in silence.


EDGE is classified in Energy Class A +++ in the smaller 3.5kW units and A++ in the larger units in cooling and A+++ in heating in the warm zone, in all sizes. In this way, it guarantees very low energy consumption in all operating conditions.


Possibility of setting the temperature to 8°C during the winter period and when the space remains uninhabited for a long time. In this way, the possibility of the water freezing in the pipes of the household or causing other damage due to low temperatures is reduced.


With the sophisticated scheduling system you can program 4 different operating conditions per day and 24 different conditions for a week (optional).

Digital DC Twin Rotary Inverter technology

Equipped with a Digital DC Twin Rotary Inverter compressor that ensures silent operation, maximum efficiency and energy saving up to A+++, as well as a wide operating range. Toshiba's unique Digital DC Inverter hybrid technology uses the Digital Twin Rotary technology compressor and ensures:

  • More stable rotation speed for even lower consumption and high efficiency in a wide operating range.
  • Reduced unwanted vibration for less compressor stress and three times the life of other compressors on the market.


The electronic boards of the outdoor units are specially designed to operate within a range so that the operation of the unit is not affected by random voltage fluctuations. Also, a safety system has been added to protect the electronic board from extremely high voltage, such as that generated by lightning (up to 10,000 Volts).


Toshiba provides an extremely long life for the outdoor unit even when it is installed in coastal areas and exposed to corrosive conditions. The outdoor unit has a special protective coating and has been tested for 1,000 hours with CCT salt spray. The coating color of the outdoor unit ensures a long life after it has been tested with a 2,000-hour weather resistance test. Finally, all Toshiba outdoor units feature a galvanized base and support legs so they will never rust!

Wi-Fi Ready

With your convenience in mind, Toshiba offers online operation to make your daily life easier. You can operate the Edge from anywhere, anytime, thanks to Wi-Fi remote control, for unsurpassed convenience and energy savings. This function requires the supply of a WiFi-stick (not included in the product packaging).


It is an innovative design of the cooling element of the indoor unit that prevents water, oil, dyes and dust from sticking to the element. The Magic Coil ensures that mold, odors or other microorganisms that burden the human body will not be created, while in combination with the automatic cleaning function, it ensures even higher air quality. The indoor fan continues to run for 20-30 minutes after the unit shuts down at "extra low" speed to remove any moisture that has built up inside the unit and completely eliminate any harmful conditions.

New Toshiba Home AC Control app

The most advanced remote control system on the air conditioning market! With the new Toshiba Home AC Control application you have full control over the level of comfort you desire. 5 users have the possibility to control the operation of up to 10 units from the tablet or smartphone in a simple and fast way. It also provides the ability to control the units by group for quick application of the comfort conditions in the selected spaces.


1.20 - 6.00 kW
7.8 / A++
1.10 - 6.50 kW
4.60 / A++
6.00 / A+++
-15 ~ 46 °C
-15 ~ 24 °C
44/26 dB(A)
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