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Toshiba Daisekai RAS-16PKVPG-E+RAS-16PAVPG-E Air Conditioner 16000 BTU R32 Inverter A+++/A+++

Toshiba Daisekai RAS-16PKVPG-E+RAS-16PAVPG-E Air Conditioner 16000 BTU R32 Inverter A+++/A+++

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Daiseikai means 'the right answer' in Japanese and Toshiba 's flagship air conditioner , the DAISEIKAI 9 , is just that: the ideal home air conditioner for your every need. With flawless performance, highest efficiency and top quality construction, the DAISEIKAI 9 is a benchmark in its class.


Daiseikai 9 is classified in the top energy class A+++ in cooling as well as heating in the warm zone. In this way, very low energy consumption is achieved in all operating conditions.


The innovative, self-cleaning coating of the element, with the signature of Toshiba . The Magic Coil creates a particularly slippery surface so that dust and dirt do not stick to the exchanger, and are then removed from the device with the drain water. This results in:

  • Item clean as new, free of moisture and mold
  • The unit circulates clean, odor-free air
  • The energy efficiency of the unit is maintained longer


The self-cleaning function reduces the humidity inside the air conditioner, thus preventing the formation of mold. When you turn off the air conditioner, an indoor fan will automatically operate to remove moisture and dry the refrigerant.

Plasma Air Purifier Ionizer

Toshiba 's electric air cleaning system that can collect particles as small as 0.001μm while being 10 times faster than standard filters. The Plasma Air Purifier Ionizer contains a large amount of silver ions (Ag+) with a strong antibacterial and deodorizing effect. It uses a two-stage filtering system, which includes a negative and positive electrical charge. Absorbs dust, pollen and mold spores, creating a fresh, healthy environment, free of smoke, food or other unpleasant odors. This function can be activated at any time by pressing the PURE button on the remote control.

Digital DC Twin Rotary Inverter technology

The Digital DC Twin Rotary Inverter compressor ensures a more stable rotation speed and reduces any unwanted vibration. Its results are unique:

  • Increased efficiency: The compressor has particularly high efficiencies at low rotational speeds and when operating in stable conditions for a long time.
  • Energy saving: Thanks to the antisymmetrical rotation of two cylinders,
  • the compressor offers great energy savings and very powerful and reliable operation.
  • High reliability and low noise: Stable performance with minimal
  • friction losses. The ideal solution for noise sensitive applications. The noise of the outdoor unit during its operation is almost imperceptible, while at the same time the life of the compressor is doubled.

Heating mode 8°C (5-13)

Possibility of setting the room temperature to 8 o C during the Winter , reducing the possibility of the water freezing in the pipes of the home.

ECO mode

Ensure energy savings of up to 25% compared to normal settings, without sacrificing comfort. This function automatically raises or lowers the temperature, preventing extreme temperatures in your space and reducing power consumption.


With the Smart Defrost function the air conditioning unit reverses the cooling cycle only when required. The unit operates in heating for a longer time with excellent performance even in the most adverse weather conditions, during the winter season. At the same time, in extreme winter temperatures, with the On Demand Defrost function, the outdoor unit can be defrosted when desired, simply by pressing a button on the remote control.

Wi-Fi Ready

With your convenience in mind, Toshiba offers online operation to make your daily life easier. You can operate the Daiseikai 9 from anywhere, anytime, thanks to Wi-Fi remote control, for unsurpassed convenience and energy savings. This function requires the supply of a WiFi-stick (not included in the product package).


The air conditioner will perform a thorough check and indicate possible malfunctions.

Fireplace function

With this innovative function from Toshiba , the air conditioner acts as a diffuser of the heat coming from other sources that may be present in the room, such as the fireplace or the radiator. In this way it contributes to better heat efficiency, maximizing the efficiency of the entire heating system in your space, saving you money.


0.90 - 5.10 kW
8.5 / A+++
0.80 - 6.80 kW
6.0 / A+++
-15 ~ 46 °C
-15 ~ 24 °C
46/22 dB(A)
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