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Sharp SJ-EX820FSL 4-Door SideBySide Refrigerator

Sharp SJ-EX820FSL 4-Door SideBySide Refrigerator

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Sharp SJ-EX820FSL four door refrigerator silver colour and Α++ energy class. Features powerful J-TECH INVERTER motor, Nano Deodorizer ion system and Hybrid Cooling System.



J-TECH INVERTER Technology: Eco: 36 STEPS Control – It can control compressor rotation in  accordance with the situation | Durability: Wide Voltage Support. Important for areas with unstable electricity.

Gentle &Comfort: Low Vibration & Noise – Low noise makes a peaceful environment during your sleeping time | Extra Cool – High demand not only for chilled drink, but also other drinks as beer etc. You can enjoy very cold & fresh drink | Normally provided with 6-9℃but 2℃ with “Extra cool “mode.

Powerful: Express Freezing – The fast powerful cooling systemmakes ice quickly & easily.

Nano Deodorizer: The Plasmacluster generator operates in a fridge during quick cooling, keeps cleanness and removes bacteria from air inside fridge after its closing | It helps to keep fresh smell and prolong food suitability for consumption | The seventh generation Plasmacluster system, apart from mold fungi spores hanging in the air, can deactivate bacteria that develop in products stored in a fridge

Hybrid Cooling System


Prevention from excessive dryness, over cold and cold unevenness because of cold air

Even temperature control in fridge

Keep food juicy and delicious.

Less waste of food (saving money)


Energy class: A++

Energy consumption: 370 kWh / year

Cooling System: Full No Frost

Climate class: SN-T

Noise Level: 36 (dBA)  


Total Net Capacity: 605 liters

Net maintenance Capacity: 394 liters

Net freezer Capacity: 211 liters  

In Maintenance

Number of shelves in Maintenance: 3 glass removable (2 adjustable in height)

Number Maintenance Door shelves: 7

Drawer for fruits and vegetables: 2 with glass cover and humidity control

Special shelf for better preservation of meat and fish with a temperature of 0 oC (Chiller)

Interior LED Lighting

In Freezer

Autonomy in case of power failure: 17 hours

Freezer 4 **** star

Freezing capacity 9.5kg / 24 hours

Mechanism for cubes

General features

Fast freeze

Quick cooling

Antibacterial Protection

Dimensions(HxWxD): 183x89x77.1cm

Colour: Silver

Weight: 117Kg

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