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SAKURA Kerosene Heater SC-95W

SAKURA Kerosene Heater SC-95W

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Household Kerosene Stove Heater Indoor Heater Kerosene Heating Stove Camping Accessorie Heat Boil Water Cooking At The Same Time

Bullet Points:

1. Heat, boil water, cooking, and barbecue at the same time.
2. The maximum heat of 9000 BTU / H (equivalent to 3000W), fuel consumption of 0.25L per hour. Can make the room about 20 square meters rise quickly.
3. Fuel tank capacity: 6L
4. Combustion chimney is made of special metal, so that kerosene can be fully burned, heating is faster and more efficient.
5. Smokeless, tasteless, safe.

Product Information:
Product: Kerosene heating stove
Material: Stainless steel
Output heat: 7800-8900 kcal / hour
Product Size(approx.): 33 × 33 × 46cm/12.99*12.99*18.11in
Power regulation: 0.24~0.28 liters / hour
Net weight(approx.):4.9KG
Gross weight(approx.): 5.4KG
Scope of application: about 19 square meters
Scope of application: family. Office. Outdoor
Fuel tank capacity: white 6L

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