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Remington PF7200 E51 Comfort Series Shaver Black

Remington PF7200 E51 Comfort Series Shaver Black

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Remington PF7200 Comfort Series razor with advanced double blades made of steel and with Flex technology, the flexible grille adapts to the curves of the face for perfect shaving results.

Ideal for your sensitive skin, the Remington Comfort Series offers a deep and comfortable shaving experience. With the double linear cutting blades, carefully follow the contour of your face and enjoy a high-performance shave. In addition, the easy-to-use pop-up cutter allows you to draw the details around the mustache, the beard and the favorites with special ease.

The ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort and responsiveness when operating the razor, the 40 minutes of wireless use make this razor a must-have product for comfortable and tight grooming.

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