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MIDEA Duct Air Conditioner MTIU-12HWFNX-QRD0W

MIDEA Duct Air Conditioner MTIU-12HWFNX-QRD0W

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Operating Voltage V-Hz-Ph 220-240V, 1Ph, 50Hz
Operation Type Ψ / Θ
Rated Yield Btu / h 12000
Cooling Performance Btu / h 12000(1800-13607)
Cooling Efficiency kW 3.52(0.53-3.99)
Thermal Efficiency Btu / h 13000(3400-14975)
Thermal Efficiency kW 3.81(1.00-4.39)
Power Supply Cooling W 1053(155-1373)
Power Supply Heating W 1038(302-1390)
Seasonal Degree of Energy Efficiency (SEER) Cooling 6.5
Seasonal Rate of Performance (SCOP) Heating (Average) 4.00
Seasonal Rate of Performance (SCOP) Heating (Warm) 5.1
Cooling Energy Class A++
Heating Energy Class (Medium Zone) A+
Heating Energy Class (Warm Zone) A+++
Static Pressure, Rated Power (Pa) 25
Static Pressure, Power Range (Pa) 0-60
Cooling Operating Current A 4.75(1.3-6.09)
Operating Current Heating A 4.52(1.48-6.15)
Air supply m³ / h (Y / M / H) Indoor 600/480/300
Indoor Unit Noise Level dB (A) (H / M / H / H) 34.5/30.5/29/23
Indoor Unit Sound Power dB (A) 58
Outdoor Unit Sound Power in dB (A) 62
Internal Temperature Operating Range (Cooling) ℃ 16-32
Internal Temperature Operating Range (Heating) ℃ 0-30
Outdoor Temperature Operating Range (Cooling) ℃ -15~50
Outdoor Temperature Operating Range (Heating) ℃ -15~24
Indoor Unit Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 700x450x200
Outdoor Unit Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 765x303x555
Net Indoor Unit Weight Kg 17.8
Net Weight of Outdoor Unit Kg 26.6
Liquid / Gas Piping Diameter mm 6.35(1/4)/9.52(3/8)
Maximum Piping Length m 25
Maximum Altitude Difference m 10
Coolant R32
Wi-Fi function Optional


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