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Midea Air Conditioner Breezless 12000 BTU Inverter R32 WiFi Included A+++ / A+++ MSFAAU‐12HRNF8

Midea Air Conditioner Breezless 12000 BTU Inverter R32 WiFi Included A+++ / A+++ MSFAAU‐12HRNF8

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  • Twin Flap™ Cooling Technology: The indoor unit of BreezeleSS+ series features dual TwinFlap louvers with 7928 nano openings, which ensure perfect and delicate airflow distribution in the whole room.
  • 3D AirFlow: Thanks to the innovative panel, the outgoing air spreads forward and sideways, providing a pleasant 3D airflow. The BreezeleSS+ series air conditioners are the first split side air vent systems. The two side panels are S-shaped which are specifically designed to work with the front louvers to provide optimum airflow through the heat exchanger and improve dispersion.
  • Quattro Inverter Compressor: Eco-friendy R32 Refrigerrant and Innovative Midea Inverter Quatrro technology guarantee low power consumption and high efficiency of high quality DC inverter compressor. It reaches a 65 Hz rotor speed in 6 seconds, combined with the high speed rotation of the DC inverter, with a 70 mm wide air outlet that can lower the internal temperature in 60 seconds.
  • WiFi  ApplicationControl your air conditioner and schedules easily through the Smart Devices app. You can turn on your air conditioner before arriving at home so that you can get the perfect temperature later on.
  • iECO Mode: The air conditioner is equipped with the iECO energy-saving technology, which perfectly synergized with the highly efficient inverter system. You can indulge in comfortable coolness while saving energy by up to 60% over 8 hours.
  • Gear: Midea BreezeleSS+ offers you three options for operating power - 50%, 75% and 100%, which allows you to adjust the energy consumption level as you will.
  • Night Mode: Night Mode enables the air conditioner to automatically increase (cooling) or decrease (heating) the temperature with 1˚C per hour for the first two hours, then holds steady for the next 5 hours, after that it will switch off. This characteristic maintains both energy saving and comfort in night operation.
  • Follow Me: Temperature sensor built in the remote controller will sense its surrounding temperature. So the unit can adjust room temperature more accurately to give you comfort.
  • Anti-cold Air: Indoor fan speed is regulated automatically from the lowest grade to the setting grade according to evaporator temperature when the unit just starts heating operation. This function can prevent cold air blowing out to avoid discomfort to the users.
  • 8°C heating: In heating operation, the preset temperature of the air conditioner can be as low as 8°C, which keeps the room temperature steady at 8°C for in winter.
  • 3D Surrounding Air Flow: The deflectors move automatically in all directions for a balanced air flow covering every corner of the room.
  • Quiet Mode: In Quiet mode, both the air flow and the fan speed are reduced to minimize noise, offering you a sound sleep.
  • Temperature Compensation: This function helps overcome any discrepancies in temperature that can be found between the height of the indoor fan and controlled space. Helping provide a more accurate temperature control.
  • Refrigerant Leakage Detect: Indoor unit will show error code “EC” and stop automatically when refrigerant leakage is detected. This function can better protect compressor being damaged by high temperature due to refrigerant leakage.
  • Low Ambient Heating: Used for the operation of the air conditioner in heating mode at low ambient temperatures
  • Low Ambient Cooling: Used for the operation of the air conditioner in cooling mode at low ambient temperature.
  • Self-diagnosis and Auto-protection: The cooling fins are cleaned and dried automatically to ensure you breathe in fresh air all the time and extend the life of the air conditioner.
  • High Density Filter: The High Density Filter filters out dust and harmful particles from the indoor air.
  • Automatic Self-cleaning: The cooling fins are cleaned and dried automatically to ensure you breathe in fresh air all the time and extend the life of the air conditioner.
  • Auto Restart Function: If the air conditioner breaks off unexpectedly due to the power cut, it will restart with the previous setting mode automatically when the power resume.
  • Louver Position Memory: When you start the unit next time, the angle of horizontal louver will automatically move to the same position as you set last time.


  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency (SEER) Cooling: 8.5
  • Seasonal efficiency coefficient (SCOP) Heating (warm): 5.6
  • Indoor Unit Noise Level (Hi / Mi / Lo / Si): 38.5 / 35.5 / 21.0 / 20.5 dB (A)
  • Indoor Unit Sound (Hi): 57 dB (A)
  • Outside Unit Noise Level: 57.5 dB (A)
  • Outside Audible Output: 63 dB (A)
Dimensions & Weight
  • Indoor Unit (HxWxD): 325x940x193 mm 
  • Outdoor Unit (HxWxD): 554x800x333 mm 
  • Indoor Unit: 10.7 kg
  • Outdoor Unit: 29.3 kg
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