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Hitachi R-WB640VRU0 (GBK) 4-Door SideBySide Refrigerator Glass Black

Hitachi R-WB640VRU0 (GBK) 4-Door SideBySide Refrigerator Glass Black

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Hitachi R-WB640VRU0 (GBK) SidebySide refrigerator,  Full NoFrost with total net capacity of 515L . Features Vacuum Compartment for long-lasting freshness, Select Zone to adjust it according to your needs, Automatic Ice Maker, durable Inverter Compressor with Dual Fan Cooling system and innovative Vacuum Insulation Panel insulation technology



Vacuum Compartment: The secret to longer-lasting freshness is reduced oxygen levels. Hitachi’s original vacuum preservation extracts air to maintain approx. 0.8 atm (atmospheric pressure). The meat, fish and dairy products are kept fresh and nutritious, and ready to cook without defrosting.

Flexible Storage: The Selectable Zone feature allows you to customise mode settings based on your storage and lifestyle needs. By selecting the zone you can set the temperature in 4 different modea (Drinks & Food - Fridge @ 3 oC | Dairy & Meat - Chill/ Meat @ 1oC | Meat & Fish - Mild Freezer @ -3 oC | Ice Cream & Frozen Foods - Freezer @ -18 oC - -20 oC).

Inverter Compressor:  Depending on the conditions inside the refrigerator and in the external environment, the Inverter compressor adjusts the intensity of cooling at an appropriate level for optimum cooling at all times. 

Dual Fan Cooling System with two separate fans: The Dual Fan Cooling system ensures quick and efficient circulation of cold air, and two cooling fans channel independently in each section of the refrigerator. So, depending on conditions, cold air can only be fed into the part of maintenance or only in the freezer or in both parts. 

VIP Innovative technology: The VIP is a thin panel with extremely high thermal insulation performance, an energy saving technology, which combined with the Inverter compressor, can achieve higher energy efficiency.

Additional Features

Dual Sensing Control (with Eco Thermo-Sensor)

Touch Screen Controller

Powerful Deodorization (Triple Power Filter)

Select Case (Veg-Dry)

Separate Vegetable Compartment

Water Tank with Filter

Utility Case

LED Lighting 

Tempered Glass Shelves

Quick Cooling

Quick Freezing

Automatic Ice Maker


Electronic temperature control with micro computer 


Energy class: F

Sound level: 41dB

Net maintenance capacity: 363 L

Net freezer capacity: 151 L

Door Color: Black Glass

Dimensions (HxWxD): 90x184x72cm

Net Weight: 118 Kg

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