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FOCAL Spark Wireless Earphones Black

FOCAL Spark Wireless Earphones Black

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Key points

• Lightweight and comfortable
• Fastening system for sports use
• Available in Black and Silver
• Exceptional performance / price ratio

Included Accessories

•  3 pairs of Silicone tips (S / M / L)
•  1 USB cable
•  1 Battery clip for sports activities
•  1 rigid carrying case


Our in-ear headphones, Spark wireless, are our entry-level model, giving customers access to the Focal sound. Without a doubt the best in-ear headphones in their category, they open the way for fans of streaming music who want to enjoy their favourite songs on the move.

Easy to handle with a simple design, Spark will always meet this immediate need with discretion and comfort. With Spark and its wireless version, you can live the emotion wherever you are, whenever you want, in complete freedom.
Choose your Emotion

Spark Wireless is the first Bluetooth® headset designed by Focal. Completing the Spark Series, it naturally
positions itself as a high-quality ultra-nomad headphone.

Spark Wireless has been designed to deliver quality
sound to a young, mobile and connected audience who wants to listen to music at any moment with complete

Without a doubt the best in-ear in its class, Spark opens the door for audiences who are new to
dematerialized music who want to enjoy their favorite songs differently, to experience a more authentic sound
and new emotions, leaving no room for monotony.

Spark offers the perfect sound for music across all platforms,
be it streaming or download
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