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COLORATO Gas Patio Heater CLPH-12SS Stainless Steel

COLORATO Gas Patio Heater CLPH-12SS Stainless Steel

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Technical Specifications Flame control device
Additional Tip over-protection
Easy ignition with piezoelectric ignitor
Stainless steel emitter head
Epoxy powder painted body
Mobility with easy gliding castors
Aluminium Reflector
Technical Data:
Base: Dia. 460 mm x 86 mm (H) x 0.9 mm (T)
Tank housing: Dia. 378 mm x 780 mm (H) x 0.62 mm (T)
Pole: Dia. 56 mm x 850 mm (H) x 0.92 mm (T)
Burner unit: Dia. 277 mm x 600 mm (H): base of burner & control housing in chrome plated steel
Flame screen: Dia. 275 mm x 230 mm (H) x 0.8 mm (T) in stainless
Support post: 20 mm x 20 mm (H) x 720 mm (H) x 1.2 mm (T)
Reflector: Dia. 813 mm x 86 mm (D) in aluminium
Total height: 2210 mm (H)
Fuel: propane or butane gas
Consumption: 450 g/h - 870g/h
Power: max. 13 kW (45.000 BTU) min. 5 Kw
Controller: CE approved push button control imported from Italy, or CSA
Approved variable control knob w/ piezo electric ignition + automatic shut off device imported from Japan.
Gas assembly hardware: steel gas pipe / gas hose included (pressure regulator not included)
Optional accessories: wheels, PEVA full cover, water tank and wooden table
Gas pressure (mbar): 28-30/37
Net weight: 17.5 kg
Gross weight: 23.0 kg

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