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Carrier Cool Easy 42QHE / 38QHE09D8SH Air Conditioner 9000 BTU R32 Inverter with WiFi A+++/A+++

Carrier Cool Easy 42QHE / 38QHE09D8SH Air Conditioner 9000 BTU R32 Inverter with WiFi A+++/A+++

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  • Wi-Fi Active: Without the need to purchase any additional equipment, you can control the device from your smartphone from wherever you are. Just download the free “Carrier Air Conditioner” app and connect your device.
  • Gold Fin: Anti-corrosion coating on the exchanger of the outdoor and indoor units.
  • Turbo function: Achieves the desired temperature quickly and efficiently
  • Eurovent certification: Eurovent certification assures consumers that the technical characteristics published by the manufacturer are true.
  • Cold Catalyst filter: With deodorizing action, it helps to remove volatile compounds (VOC) and odors. This filter does not lose its effectiveness over time.
  • Activated Carbon Filter: Removes unpleasant odors, such as that of cigarettes, 10 times more effectively.
  • Silver ion filter: This filter releases negative ions that refresh the air and provide a clean, refreshing atmosphere.
  • Follow Me function: With this function you enjoy a better sense of temperature, as it is set and controlled where the device control is located.
  • Base Pan Heater: Electrical resistance in the condensate pan, which prevents the condenser from freezing. In this way you can enjoy seamless heating operation even with an outside temperature of -15 °C
  • X-ECO function: Maintains the desired temperature in the room with up to 60% lower power consumption. Thus, you only consume the energy that is actually required.
  • Active Clean air cleaning: Removes dust, mold and grease that can cause odors when they adhere to the heat exchanger.
  • Wind Avoid Me: With this function the flow of conditioned air is directed against the users of the space. So you enjoy the desired temperature, without directly feeling the air currents.
  • 1W in standby mode: The unit consumes less than 1W when in standby mode (stand-by mode).
  • Refrigerant Leak Detection System: In the event of a refrigerant leak, the unit detects the leak and stops operation while at the same time notifying the user with a fault code display on the indoor unit screen.
  • Automatic Restart: In the event of a power failure the unit automatically restarts with the previous settings.
  • Sleep Mode: Saves energy and improves environmental conditions during the night, for a comfortable sleep. During the night, a balance is made between the internal and external temperature to create the right conditions for a comfortable sleep.
  • Operation at low temperatures: During the winter the unit starts up having ensured a high air outlet temperature. In this way, cold air currents are not created until the unit enters heating mode.
9390 (3422 - 10950)
9900 (2731 - 11610)
(220-240) 220 / 50 Hz / 1N
(H) 37 - (M) 32 - (X) 28 - (A) 20
291 X 726 X 210
495 X 720 X 270
1/4 - 3/8
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